Monday, July 28, 2008

And, Surprisingly, Lightening Did NOT Strike!

Well, guys... Hanging out here in Seattle with my friends the Z's. I attended church with them (yes, the Catholic kind), and I am still left standing to tell about it! I cannot believe it. Not only that, but we had the funniest priest, one referred to in tighter circles as Father Chappel, for obvious reasons once you hear him talk. The old biddies gave stink eye to all with young children who were less then quiet. Of course, it was only fitting that Z and I picked the ONLY pew without a kneeler, and the asian lady next to us kneeled anyway, so... we were guilted into it. On the way up, we cried Jesus Christ, not because we were particularly moved, but because we wanted to move and couldn't.
We then went on a Ferry Boat over to Whitbey Island to see another old neighbor from Hawaii. That was actually a pretty cool ride. Will post pictures later.