Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 18

Qun Zi returns home. Dong Bei and Xiao Feng continue their on-line chats. He tells her how he has really learned a lot. He thought he could get married and have things not change. He realizes now he has to be unselfish. He explains how women in their 20s are kind of childish, but women in their 30s have something unique.
Xiao Feng is called "Xiao Gunianr" by a woman while out walking (basically young lady). She is thrilled. Gao Song comes back from his business trip. He notices a marked difference in her demeanor. He says she even looks younger. He admits he still loves her.
Xiao Feng is ecstatic when she sees Qun Zi next. She seems to have fallen in love with her online friend (oops, she really doesn't know it is Dong Bei). But Qun Zi seems to have figured in out. Tells her that Dong Bei has been chatting a lot online. Xiao Feng says it isn't possible. Qun Zi beings to snoop through Dong Bei's computer, figuring out his passoword, she signs into his messenger. Sure enough, there is Xiao Feng telling him she thinks of him, and how she wishes they can meet in person.
Meanwhile, he drives by his bar, knowing his sultry vixen is in it, but chooses not to go in. He comes home to a once again devastated Qun Zi. She tells him she wants a divorce. And off they go the next day to get the divorce (quick process in China). He says he's sorry. After a chat, she grabs him and cries. They tell each other they still love each other. He asks her to remarry him. She says she can't trust him.
Dong Bei and Gao Song have dinner together. Dong Bei tells of his recent divorce.
Again, more chats between Xiao Feng and Dong Bei. Qun Zi mourns her marriage. She goes back to the apartment to collect her stuff. Dong Bei comes home in the middle of it. Sees the picture of them, once torn, now taped back together. The next day, she takes one last look around. Goes to grab her bag, but Dong Bei stops her. Asks where she will go. She says she will go and stay with a girl friend. Then find herself a place. He tells her she can always stay there.
Xiao Feng and Xiao Li meet on the street. Xiao Feng tries to act like nothing has happened. Xiao Li seems to be pretty forgiving and they make plans for later. Xiao Li asks Gao Song what is up with her. He doesn't know, but he seems pretty happy with Xiao Feng's turn of attitude. Then he thinks about it and considers that she could be having an affair. He goes to sleep in Dan Dan's bed.
The next day, Dong Bei helps Qun Zi look for a new place. Nothing seems to fit. They start to talk... maybe start to reconcile... but then the idiot turns on the radio. Qun Zi shuts down. Later at work, she signs into his account. They then have lunch together. She tells him she found a place.
Meanwhile, Xiao Feng is stalking Dong Bei over the internet. She waits furtively for him to appear on line. Writes him 50 some emails a day. She is upset again, turns manic against Xiao Li and Niu Niu. Xiao Li tells her daughter that Xiao Feng is sick in the head. She is upset and taking it out on everyone else.
Dong Bei helps Qun Zi move into her tiny, micro apartment. He says it is small, she says it is just one person.
Xiao Feng is constantly on line waiting for Dong Bei to appear. She is manic over it. Dong Bei is having dinner with Qun Zi. They decide to stay friends.

Ben & Jerry Ought to be Arrested!

Their Peach Cobbler ice cream is absolutely a crime! Holy CRAP!!!! It is wonderfully delish!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 16 & 17

Qun Zi is sleeping on the couch. She still cannot bring herself to sleep in their bed. Dong Bei, being ever so smart, proceeds to continue to visit his favorite bar. Lately he has been hanging out with a very sultry woman. Even brings Gao Song into it. Nothing happens, just someone for them to talk to. But still. He has been chatting online with Xiao Feng, even, about their perspective others.
Niu Niu is told by Dan Dan that he isn’t allowed to play with her anymore. His mother has told him not to. Hurt she runs to her mother, who is understandably upset by this turn of events.
Xiao Feng and Qun Zi have made up. They are back to hanging out again.
Gao Song and Xiao Feng have a terse equilibrium going on. Though she keeps making cracks about other women. He has continued to not answer her calls.
Dong Bei is still trying to make things up to Qun Zi, but she seems pretty set on breaking things off at this point. She has dinner with Xiao Feng, they lament about the idiocies of men. Qun Zi tells Xiao Feng that she is just too unhappy. In her heart she knows she still loves Dong Bei, but she can’t ever see herself trusting him again.
Dong Bei, fresh off his thwarted romantic overture, goes back to his favorite bar where he runs into the passed out sultry chick. He writes his name and phone number on her arm for her to find upon waking. How utterly romantic.
Qun Zi is sleeping in Dan Dan’s room. Gao Song is sleeping at Dong Bei’s on Qun Zi’s couch (he’s drunk again).
Xiao Feng and Dong Bei chat online while Gao Song is behind Dong Bei, Xiao Feng doesn’t know. Dong Bei asks if she still loves Gao Song. She takes a while to respond, but ultimately says she hates him. Gao Song is crushed. Gao Song tells Dong Bei to ask why she doesn’t divorce him. She says because she hates him. Dong Bei asks what kind of logic is that? If she hates him so, divorce him. Gao Song realizes that he has no other choice.
Gao Song starts to knock back the drinks. He goes off on Dong Bei and storms into Dong Bei’s room.
Next day the phone rings, it is Xiao Fengs dad. Her mom is sick. She calls Gao Song and asks him to come. He says sorry, he forgot to tell her, but he is out of town on business until tomorrow. She yells that his work seems to be more important than her.
Dong Bei makes it out with his sultry woman. They play drinking games. Dong Bei keeps losing. Qun Zi is home all alone on her couch.
Gao Song goes over to Xiao Li’s. He asks her to watch Dan Dan. Understandably she tells him where to stick it.
Dong Bei returns home. He takes a shower, but Sultry Girl calls. Guess who answers? Surprisingly, she doesn’t make anything of it.
Xiao Feng is seeing to her mother. Seeing her father and mother together makes her realize that that is what she wants, too.
Sultry Girl keeps calling Dong Bei. For once he mans up and doesn’t answer. Now he takes to stalking his wife. She’s over at Gao Song’s watching little Dan Dan while his parents are otherwise occupied. He falls asleep in his car outside their apartment building.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Idiocy

OK, so this 70's radical had her sentence reduced and they let her out on parole last week. Then this week, they issue a warrant for her rearrest, saying, "OOPS, we miscalculated your release date BY A YEAR." I'm sorry, but that is just cruel and unusual punishment, and isn't that illegal in this country? I know she murdered someone and all that. But to let her out of prison and have her start to try and adjust to life again, only to pull her back for more. It was their bad.

The Chinese Olympic Games are F-d!

Just watching the news and seeing the protests during the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in Greece. I'm sorry, they are just Fucked! I don't see a full out boycott, but I do see lots of protests, even athletes pulling out due to this Tibet mess.
They then interviewed the Olympic Head. He's like the call for boycott is unfounded. He said the Olympic committee is in constant talks with China about human rights. Get this, he called it Silent Diplomacy! So how are you in talks with someone if it is silent? Do you TEXT your thoughts to the other party? He was so paid by the Chinese!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center

Last weekend I went with my new friend, Sam, to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Now, I've been there before, but never the all day thing. Just the food and show. This time, we did the all day thing. Here are some pictures.

Polynesian Cultural Center II



My Polynesian Cultural Center Dessert

My Polynesian Cultural Center Meal



Sam and I in Melanesia

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 14 & 15

Xiao Feng is over trying to talk Qun Zi out of having a late-term abortion. Doesn’t work, so she drops her off at the hospital. Dong Bei tries desperately to get ahold of Qun Zi, and when he does, she tells him the baby is already gone. So, what does a guy do? He goes and pays for sex! So Qun Zi comes home to get some things, ooops, there is a red stocking that the hooker left behind!
Xiao Feng drops Qun Zi off at Dong Bei’s after she returns from her parents’ home. While Qun Zi and Dong Bei talk, Xiao Feng goes and looks at the wedding video. OOOPS! There is Xiao Li, the neighborlady, dancing with her drunk husband at the wedding, and her husband’s hands all over her. Too late, Qun Zi realizes what Xiao Feng is watching and goes to try and explain. Xiao Feng grabs the disk and runs to the corner photo shot to get prints made of the video. Afterwards, she comes across Xiao Li walking with her friends on the street and about runs her down with her car. Xiao Feng storms out of her car and lays into Xiao Li right there in the street. A huge crowd forms to watch the entertainment. Traffic is blocked in both directions, and the police just stand there taking it in. Xiao Li takes it for a bit, then lays back. Xiao Feng slaps the hell out of her, and is tackled by Qun Zi, who has finally arrived to break it up. Xiao Feng and Gao Song may be in the dumps again, but it looks like Qun Zi and Dong Bei have worked things out.

Dong Bei has managed to get ahold of Gao Song to warn him. So he is prepared, slightly, for the mess he is about to come home to. Xiao Feng is crazy with rage and sadness. Poor Dan Dan is in his room trying to keep it all out of his head. Xiao Feng asks if his ED line is for real, or if it is another lie. He says, of course it is the truth. She doesn’t believe it and tosses the bedroom about. Dan Dan is in his bed crying. The next day, it is obvious that Xiao Feng and Gao Song have been up all night, again.
Qun Zi and Gao Song run into each other at work. She tells him that Dong Bei and her are working things out. He says great! Xiao Li is being gossiped about at work.
Xiao Feng visits with a doctor. Shows him her hubby’s paperwork, tells him it is her friend’s hubby. He tells her it is indeed ED. She asks if he’d be able to get it up with other women, he says no, it is prolly heart related impotence. Gets her thinking. She asks Gao Song if he can’t have an erection at all? He says that is right, not even one in the last 6 months. She says, that is funny because he seemed to have one just fine at the wedding with Xiao Li. She tries to get out of the house, but he prevents her, even shoves her to the bed. She manages to get out the front door, but he grabs her and pulls her inside. Surprisingly, she cries out for help from Xiao Li.
They sleep in their clothes on opposite sides of the bed. Dan Dan tries to wake them to take him to school, but two straight days of fighting takes its toll. Poor Dan Dan comes out to a trashed house and tearfully starts to clean it up.
Xiao Li gives Gao Song the cold shoulder when they run into each other on the street. Xiao Feng is asked back to teach. Xiao Feng takes Dan Dan to Mai Dong Lao (MacDonald’s) and he asks about his parents. She finally seemingly beginning to realize what all of it must be doing to Dan Dan. She tells him every family has problems.
Qun Zi and Gao Song have lunch. She asks him why he just didn’t tell Xiao Feng what happened at the wedding… He says he didn’t know. Qun Zi tells Gao Song that he and Dong Bei weren’t the same. She leaves work and runs into Xiao Feng. Qun Zi tries to explain what happened, that Gao Song is a good guy, give him a break. Xiao Fei tells Qun Zi that she is a little girl. What does she truly know about things.
Dong Bei is in a waiting car and calls Gao Song to give him a warning. Gao Song calls Xiao Feng, which diffuses the situation between her and Qun Zi. Xiao Feng storms off into her car and drives off.
Gao Song comes out and tells Qun Zi and Dong Bei he won’t be making it to the company Chrsitmas party. He has a headache. So they meet up with Xiao Feng to give her his regards. So she goes with them to the Christmas party. Gao Song calls Xiao Feng telling her he’ll be there, and she leaves the party to wait for him. They meet up and walk into the party together. But Xiao Li has a few more things to get off her chest to Gao Song, first. She is mad at him for lying. He says he’ll change. She runs off. He follows. He catches up to her and she tearfully tells him she wants them to go home. She says she doesn’t care about other people, only him. He asks if she really wants to go home, she says yes. So they leave.
Meanwhile, everyone at the party is looking for him, including his boss!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 13

Qun Zi and Dong Bei are listening to the heartbeat of their baby when Dong Bei gets a phone call. He drives Qun Zi over to Xiao Feng’s house and explains that he has some business to take care of for a while. Xiao Feng and Qun Zi look at all of Dan Dan’s old baby clothes. Xiao Feng’s older brother calls. He is home from the Army again. Xiao Feng and Gao Song drive Qun Zi home, early, as the brother is coming in that afternoon…. Can you smell what is coming?
That is right! Qun Zi catches Dong Bei in the act. She runs out of the apartment in utter shock and goes to Xiao Feng’s house. Meanwhile, Dong Bei drives around frantically trying to find her. Qun Zi tearfully tells Xiao Feng and Gao Song what happened, and Gao Song calls Dong Bei and tells him off.
Dong Bei shows up, but Gao Song won’t let him in. Lays into him even harsher. Dong Bei states he doesn’t want to return home alone. Gao Song goes with him. Again, no seatbelts were used in the filming of this show!
The next day Qun Zi goes to work in a daze. Gao Song tries to reach out to her, but she is skeptical of his intentions. Rightfully so. He tries to talk her into giving Dong Bei a chance to explain his actions. Dong Bei shows up to talk to Xiao Feng, who gives him a cold reception. Asked how Qun Zi slept. Xiao Feng tells him she slept very well. Asked if she talked about him. Xiao Feng mentioned Qun Zi wanting to give up the child/terminate the pregnancy. This slaps Dong Bei in the face.
Dong Bei is wracked with grief and remorse. He waits for Qun Zi to get off work. She tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he forces her into the car. Tries to force a romantic dinner at the house. She refuses to eat. He tells her that she is first in his heart, as is the child she carries (can I vomit now?), but she isn’t hearing it (good for her!) and sleeps on the couch. Dong Bei tries to convince her to take the bed, but she can’t sleep there knowing what transpired in their bed.
Xiao Feng and Gao Song talk about the situation over dinner. Of course they both have differing views on what happened and what should happen. Heated argument ensues.
Again Dong Bei waites for Qun Zi outside of her work. Again she gives him the cold shoulder, but at least gives him the time of day and willingly gets into his car (AGAIN, no seat belts). He takes her to her doctor’s appointment (men don’t go in, but wait outside). Qun Zi tells her doctor she doesn’t want the child (one child policy, if she can only have one child, and she divorces the father, that is it). The doctor tells her she is crazy, the child is healthy. She is lucky. However, she tells the doctor of her family situation and wishes to terminate the pregnancy. Doctor tells her at 7 months, it is fully viable and therefore should not be willfully terminated. Qun Zi tells her she really doesn’t want it. The doctor asks if she is fully sure of her decision then schedules her for the procedure for the following week.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kua'aina Burger

I got to go to the Honolulu Kua'aina Burger this past Sunday. I was able to introduce my new friend Sam to the wonders of the burger that is ONO!

Some pics to make your mouth water....

My Kua'aina Buger...
my burger... I got my usual bacon burger with provolone cheese added

My Kua'aina Burger assembled
my fully constructed burger.

Sam's first Kua'aina Burger
Sam eating her burger!

Finally! I love this place!

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapter 12

Fresh off the disaster that was the night that wasn't... Xiao Feng goes grocery shopping... She runs into the little lady, (AKA Qun Zi), who tells her she is preggers... Xiao Feng is happy for her, but Qun Zi isn't so sure it is the right time, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Dong Bei convinces her that it IS a good thing, and she is happy, finally. They hire a made, a pregnant made. She and Qun Zi become friends.
Gao Song and Dong Bei go to the local Y where they do laps. They talk about women and well, nothing happens... Gao Song then goes to the doctor where he tells the doctor that he hasn't been able to "perform his manly duties" in over half a year. GASP! That explains it all. He is diagnosed with E.D. and has to explain it to Dong Bei (boy, ppl in China ARE more open with their personal issues) AND his wife. Xiao Feng of course thinks it is about her, but Gao Song convinces her it isn't. She then proceeds to pour nasty-tasting herbal-tea concoctions down his throat. However, there relationship is suddenly much better with the air cleared. Seems that impotence was the best thing to happen to this couple!
Xiao Feng calls Qun Zi late at night, only to be told by Dong Bei that she went to her parents, as the pregnancy was not sitting well with her. Thing is, if Qun Zi is away, who is the women in Bed with Dong Bei? uh-oh!
The rents have yet another choir performance. And Xiao Feng tells Qun Zi all about Gao Song's issue. She also tells the neighborlady who gives her a recipe for a herbal remedy. This herbal remedy is found by Gao Song late one night, he recognizes the hand writing and attacks the neighborlady for meddling in his affairs!
Qun Zi returns home to find a stray hair in her bed. She questions Dong Bei about it. He side-steps it by giving her 3 possibilities for how the hair go there. A) It is HERS; B) it is the cleaning lady's; C)it is another woman's. He lets her decide. I guess she decided options A and B were better than C.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapter 11

So Xiao Feng and Dong Bei's little woman meets at McDonalds (or in Chinese, Hamebaobao Wang). Xiao Feng is serious at first, but the little woman gets her to laugh. Next thing you know, they are inseparable. After that first meeting, Gao Song thanks the little woman, and the little woman tells him off. He tries to tell her that he wasn't cheating, that the weddingdrunkenmaconneighbor thing was a big misunderstanding... she wasn't hearing any of it.
Xiao Feng is still obsessed with Gao Song's cell phone. Starts calling everyone in it. She'd hang up on the men and with the women she'd ask if they know Gao Song. If they said yes, which they all did, as he was in the middle of instructing them, she'd also hang up. However, one of them, when she told them she was Gao Song's wife, told her that, "Oh, I remember you from the wedding. You were so pretty." Uh-oh! Xiao Feng puts two and two together and goes to see the neighborlady... She explains all.
The little lady and Xiao Feng again meet for lunch. They start talking, and Xiao Feng admits her marriage isn't going too well. Little lady asks how long its been since, you know... Xiao Feng admits it has been awhile. Little lady and her then go shopping for lingerie. Xiao Feng buys a pretty red number and wears it to bed that night. However, Gao Song wasn't having any of it. He turned her down stating he had to get sleep due to a big surgery in the morning. He'd take her up on it on the weekend. Xiao Feng is understandably upset. She put herself out there, after all. She brings up th wedding.
Next day Xiao Feng tries to call him for dinner. He doesn't answer either his office phone or his mobile. So Xiao Feng goes over to the neighborlady's house and uses his phone.... He answers..... BUSTED!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapters 9 & 10

Xiao Feng has been feeling down in the dumps... She quit her job over her own inadequacies, and she has been moping around the house. Her old boyfriend calls her up, again, and says he is in town once again. He is having another get together and invites her. At first she says no. Gao Song tells her to go, get a new outfit, go to the spa, have fun at her lunch. She does and comes back much refreshed. Gao Song has another surprise, he is taking them all on a holiday skiing. However, the ski trip is short lived. The friend, Dong Bei, and his pretty new wife are also there. He tries to keep them away from one another, Dong Bei helps, but Xiao Feng sees through it. She is upset that Gao Song doesn't want to introduce her to his friends. She storms off, takes the car and returns home. Gao Song and Dan Dan are forced to take the bus back to town.
Xiao Feng again goes to see her mom, interrupting her parents' choir practice. Mom tells her to calm down, it can't be all that. She goes home and Gao Song announces that he has to go on a business trip. Xiao Feng asks if he is going with anyone, he says yes, a woman in her 50s. Xiao Feng can tag along to the airport if she likes to meet her. Fine, she does, and is relieved.
Gao Song flits off to work. He calls Xiao Feng later in the day promising to be home for dinner. As he heads home, Dong Bei shanghais him on a little side trip. Regardless to say, Xiao Feng isn't very happy. She gives him three conditions.... 1) he must not ignore her; 2)He has to answer her calls and call her several times a day; and 3)he cannot go on anymore business trips with young single women, a 50+ woman is ok. He agrees to her terms, not realizing how hard they will be to follow.
Xiao Feng preceeds to call him several times the next day. And he also calls her, very tired already of their little arrangement. He then gets called into surgery. Xiao Feng calls several times every minute. Gao Song gets the calls missed list and grows even more weary. Xiao Feng again tries to call, he ignores it. She then calls from a pay phone and he picks up. She yells at him for ignoring her calls. He screams that he is very busy and cannot always take her calls. Meanwhile, the new little wife is showing her reception video to all the girls in the office. Remember this is an office she shares with Gao Song. They all want to know who the lady he is dancing with is. She says, oh, that is his wife. They say, oh, she is very pretty.
Xiao Feng goes home and talks to neighborlady.... Tells her what she feels. Neighborlady does her best to calm Xiao Feng down, but to no avail. Xiao Feng storms off to Gao Song's work. Neighborlady warns him, he has the nurse railroad her. She sits outside all afternoon waiting for him (stalk much?). He calls neighborlady and asks if she could watch Dan Dan for them. He finally comes out and the two married people have a chat. Suddenly the phone rings, it is the new little wife of Dong Bei's texting Gao Song with a little joke. Xiao Feng snatches the phone and calls Dong Bei's little wife back. Little wife hangs up. Xiao Feng immediately starts to scream to Gao Song over who the woman is that he has been sleeping with. Then storms off driving home (have I mentioned the distinct lack of seatbelt use in this show. Even Dan Dan doesn't wear his, AND he sits in the front seat!). Upon arriving she realizes that she has forgotten Dan Dan. Neighborlady brings him over. Xiao Feng finally thanks her. Gao Song then arrives home, they get into a heated argument (a screaming match, basically) that literally lasts all night. The next day poor Dan Dan brings them breakfast. Xiao Feng starts doing some detective work. She still has Gao Song's phone and starts looking through his calls. She then calls Dong Bei's wife at work, while she is in Gao Song's office. Asks if she is Dong Bei's wife then asks to meet to have a chat.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 6-8

I have been remiss. I know you all are waiting on baited breath for the next segments of our saga.
FINALLY, Xiao Feng and Gao Song have a long overdue talk. As they talk, poor Dan Dan is waiting at school. No one can reach his parents as they are not answering to talk things out. No, he isn't seeing the neighbor. The neighbor accidentally left the jacket in the house when she came over while he was in the hospital (finally, it came out!). Suddenly, Xiao Feng hears the neighbor's daughter outside. AIYA! What time is it? Dan Dan has been forgotten! They rush out the door to the school. Dan Dan has sneaked away and gone on a cross-town journey to his grandparents. It has been several hours, but, finally he made it, and called his very relieved parents. Things are looking up!
Seems Gao Song and the neighborlady are up for the same promotion. He gets it. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng's professional life has taken a turn for the worst. She fails her exam (59%!), and begins to study her butt off for the next time. Her husband has been working long hours in surgery due to his new job and has not been making it home until REALLY late at night. She is having to deal with her son on her own. However, things are going good between them, and Xiao Feng has moved back home.
Husband's friend gets married, but Xiao Feng could not attend. So, Gao Song asks neighborlady to attend with him. She meets him there, after he has already drank two bottles of wine. The new wife of the friend mistakes the neighbor as Gao Song's wife. Xiao Feng proceeds to drunkenly grope her, she pushes him away. He passes out on a nearby couch clutching neighborlady's hand. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng comes looking for him. Her mother has had a minor accident, and her ankle is injured. Who better to seek out than her doctor-husband? The friend tells her he was in the bathroom. Wait there and runs to try to wake him. To no avail, the Friend goes back to tell Xiao Feng that he has already left. Later on, he finally makes it to the in-laws and takes care of the mom. He is attentive and patient. The mom tells Xiao Feng that he is a good man. She is lucky.
The friend and his new wife are out shopping at this time. They see neighborlady and her daughter out. The wife is like, who is that kid with Xiao Feng (has never been set straight)? She is going to call Gao Song to find out. Xiao Feng answers. New wife was like, who is this? Xiao Feng is like, who is this? Friend finally pulls the phone from his wife and says, sorry, didn't mean to call. Xiao Feng immediately rounds on her husband. It was a woman! Who was it? Gao Song looks at the caller ID and states that it was his friend, and the woman was obviously his wife. He works with friend's new wife and she starts to poke around him at work. Both the friend and his wife believe that the neighborlady is his lover, now.
She is constantly helping with her now hobbled mother. Hubby is still working long hours. Xiao Feng is already doubting her abilities as a teacher when, during a student-teacher conference, one of the parents starts to verbally attack her. She realizes she has been failing her students and quits. She is depressed and feeling sorry for herself. Her husband tries to be understanding, but she insists on moping around the house. Gao Song's new position allows him to buy at least one new car. Xiao Feng proceeds to learn how to drive it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 5

Xiao Feng is still on her business trip, Dan Dan is still at his grandparents, and Gao Song is in the hospital with a bad infection of sorts. He hands the neighbor (who is in a pretty blue dresssuit with a nice jacket) his keys and asks that she bring back his cell phone for him. She goes to his house, grabs his cell phone, but cannot leave behind the mess that is a bachelor's pad. So she takes off her coat, and starts to clean. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng has returned to her parents' house, hands out some pressies to her folks, and trudges to her home to talk to Gao Song, who is still in the hospital. She sees the coat hanging on back of the chair that the neighbor has left there. She mistakenly believes it belongs to Gao Song's lover. She grabs it and storms back to her parents. Neighborlady realizes she forgot her coat and lets herself back into the apartment. Only it is gone, Xiao Feng has it at her parents'. Gao Song is out of the hospital. Tells little brother that he could be dead and Xiao Feng wouldn't care. Little brother takes him to a restaurant where Gao Song sees his fiancee with another man. Little brother goes wild, interrupts the dinner, and the couple breaks up. Next we see them back together again, and wonderously in love. Confused? Join the club. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng's parents talk her into going home and talking to Gao Song. She brings the coat and asks who "she" is. Of course Gao Song really doesn't know what she is talking about, but recognizes the coat. But he doesn't say anything, fearing she may then get the wrong idea about her friend, the neighborlady. She storms out. Then calls him at work the next day asking if there relationship was heading for a divorce, then hangs up.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 3 & 4

Hmmmm... plot thickens, my compatriots. Xiao Feng (our wife) is going off on her husband (Gao Song), yet again. Talks about something that is expensive. Then suddenly Xiao Feng flings herself at Gao Song and is madly in love with him. Gao Song goes to meet mystery man again, only to be told that his services aren't needed. He goes home empty handed to a very angry Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng goes back to her parents' place, and her dad gets a phone call about someone close to him being in the hospital. Mom asks Xiao Feng to go with dad and off she goes. Meanwhile, back at the laojia (Chinese for home), Gao Song is getting closer to his fellowdoctorneighbor who is now newly single. Even accompanies her and her daughter to dance class (where the boys were mysteriously dressed in matching blue leotards (they are dressed like girls!) only the daughter, Niu Niu, has a pink leotard on. Xiao Feng comes back home, still mad at her husband. Meanwhile, Gao Song's little brother gets engaged.
Now Xiao Feng is at home, her hubby out to eat with mystery man. He gets prodded into drinking a mug of beer, and suddenly cannot stop himself. Toast after toast later, he staggers into an alley and falls asleep in a doorway. His cell phone is promptly stolen. Eventually Xiao Feng is called, she goes over the the doctorneighbor's place to ask if she could babysit Dan Dan (the son). Neighbor said she'll go get him. So Xiao Feng is sitting at home, in bed, when Gao Song comes home. He asks her if she still loves him (bad time to be asking buddy...). She doesn't answer, tells him to go clean himself up and come to bed. He wakes her a while later demanding to know if she still loves him. She basically tells him to go to hell. Next day, Xiao Feng goes to a communist play put on by her parents while Gao Song has a romantic dinner with the neighbor. Gao Song comes home and asks about his guest, who has gone home. He tells her it was a single woman friend (ooops). Next day, little brother calls and gets Gao Song to accompany him to a mansion where he meets up with this "Triad" type guy. Gao Song walks out and starts to walk home. Angry at the little brother. Brother manages to coax him back into the car and drives him home. Gao Song is really sick at this point. Running a hight fever. Barely makes it home (did I mention that Xiao Feng tries to call her husband throughout this episode only to have him NOT answer his cell when he sees it is her). Wife left him a note telling him she is out and Dan Dan is at the grandparents. He collapses on the sofa. Neighbor calls and comes over when he tells her he is sick. He is running an extremely high fever, and she insists he go to the hospital.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 2

Ready for the riveting chapter 2? I know you are...
OK, so our fearless wife gets a call from her first love and agrees to have dinner with him (now mind you it is a group gathering of all their old friends). Hubby isn't exactly happy, but he trusts her. So she goes off, gets her hair done, goes to buy a new coat, but doesn't. She goes to the lunch and dines on lobster and crab and a whole assortment of expensive dishes on her first love's dime. All the time one of her once friends starts talking to her about how successful he is and how much money he has and how he isn't married or attached and what a great catch we is and she should never have let him go. So she runs out, goes home and starts a fight with her husband about how they never have enough money (reason she didn't buy the coat) and how her life has sucked, yadda yadda yadda. The fight ends in him running to the bedroom and slamming the door on, gasp, his wife's fingers (now how/why she got them into the hinged part of the door is beyond me). Speed forward, her bro is heading back to base (he is in the army) and is upset about her hand. He has a little mano-yi-mano with hubby and tells him to treat her right or else. Hubby isn't happy, another fight ensues and she storms off to her parents. During this time, our hubby is called into work to help a mysterious patient and is handed $2,000! Hmmmmm.... After two days, the parents kick wifey out, telling her she needs to work things out. Things between husband and wife are still tense.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce

OK, so I'm watching this Chinese Serial...

Starts out with this couple. Husband is a doctor, wife is some sort of office worker. They have a kid. she calls the husband and says, don't forget about our important dinner. He says I won't, but then I guess his little brother gets hit by a car while on his scooter, and he has to operate on him. So, he misses the dinner, but neither the husband or the wife mention it. Then the neighbor comes home, you find out later she is a doctor who works with the husband of our main couple. She is crawling into bed and finds a stray hair that is CLEARLY not hers on her pillow. Confronts husband, who acknowledges the infidelity, and of course, blames her for it.
Slide back to our main couple... the wife goes to the grocery store where she meets another neighbor, and old man. He gets into an argument with the clerk, and promptly dies of a heart attack. She goes home, tells her husband and promptly gets into a fight with him cause he has to go back to the hospital to check on patients... He gets into a fight with his brother who is still hospitalized (I guess for falling in love again?)
Swoosh, suddenly the wife's parents call and they are coming to visit, along with her older brother (wait, isn't there a one-child policy in China? why are there all these brothers and sisters?)
And in the midst of all this, the husband goes rushing off to the hospital again...
End chapter.

Back in Hawaii

Ah, back "home." Living at the Honolulu Airport Hotel. Dealing with nightly fire alarms because some backwoods hick cannot understand the concept of "no smoking in the rooms."
Started class yesterday. It was a cluster fuck. Not only did we sit there for 8 hours and NOT meet our instructors (or Laoshi, as they are called in Chinese), but they couldn't decide which classroom to put us in. We'd be told to go to one classroom, only to have them announce on the intercom that we were all to report to another.
Typical, we have an interview to place us into our classrooms. I started out in the advanced class. However, in a throwback to DLI, they went off my DLPT5 scores, you know, the ones that aren't supposed to count, yet. They put me in with the intermediate... which, are all E-4s to E5s. So guess who the class leader is? Yep, me. Of course, being one of the few E6 and aboves, and I think the only senior NCO, I was going to end up as a class leader anyway.
Don't have to come in until 1200 for the intermediate classes... So I have mornings off. don't know how I'm going to survive the mornings at the pool/beach and afternoons doing something I love.
So now we get to watch Chinese Style Divorce. A lovely serial, which, as yet, makes no sense. I'll keep you posted.