Monday, March 24, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 14 & 15

Xiao Feng is over trying to talk Qun Zi out of having a late-term abortion. Doesn’t work, so she drops her off at the hospital. Dong Bei tries desperately to get ahold of Qun Zi, and when he does, she tells him the baby is already gone. So, what does a guy do? He goes and pays for sex! So Qun Zi comes home to get some things, ooops, there is a red stocking that the hooker left behind!
Xiao Feng drops Qun Zi off at Dong Bei’s after she returns from her parents’ home. While Qun Zi and Dong Bei talk, Xiao Feng goes and looks at the wedding video. OOOPS! There is Xiao Li, the neighborlady, dancing with her drunk husband at the wedding, and her husband’s hands all over her. Too late, Qun Zi realizes what Xiao Feng is watching and goes to try and explain. Xiao Feng grabs the disk and runs to the corner photo shot to get prints made of the video. Afterwards, she comes across Xiao Li walking with her friends on the street and about runs her down with her car. Xiao Feng storms out of her car and lays into Xiao Li right there in the street. A huge crowd forms to watch the entertainment. Traffic is blocked in both directions, and the police just stand there taking it in. Xiao Li takes it for a bit, then lays back. Xiao Feng slaps the hell out of her, and is tackled by Qun Zi, who has finally arrived to break it up. Xiao Feng and Gao Song may be in the dumps again, but it looks like Qun Zi and Dong Bei have worked things out.

Dong Bei has managed to get ahold of Gao Song to warn him. So he is prepared, slightly, for the mess he is about to come home to. Xiao Feng is crazy with rage and sadness. Poor Dan Dan is in his room trying to keep it all out of his head. Xiao Feng asks if his ED line is for real, or if it is another lie. He says, of course it is the truth. She doesn’t believe it and tosses the bedroom about. Dan Dan is in his bed crying. The next day, it is obvious that Xiao Feng and Gao Song have been up all night, again.
Qun Zi and Gao Song run into each other at work. She tells him that Dong Bei and her are working things out. He says great! Xiao Li is being gossiped about at work.
Xiao Feng visits with a doctor. Shows him her hubby’s paperwork, tells him it is her friend’s hubby. He tells her it is indeed ED. She asks if he’d be able to get it up with other women, he says no, it is prolly heart related impotence. Gets her thinking. She asks Gao Song if he can’t have an erection at all? He says that is right, not even one in the last 6 months. She says, that is funny because he seemed to have one just fine at the wedding with Xiao Li. She tries to get out of the house, but he prevents her, even shoves her to the bed. She manages to get out the front door, but he grabs her and pulls her inside. Surprisingly, she cries out for help from Xiao Li.
They sleep in their clothes on opposite sides of the bed. Dan Dan tries to wake them to take him to school, but two straight days of fighting takes its toll. Poor Dan Dan comes out to a trashed house and tearfully starts to clean it up.
Xiao Li gives Gao Song the cold shoulder when they run into each other on the street. Xiao Feng is asked back to teach. Xiao Feng takes Dan Dan to Mai Dong Lao (MacDonald’s) and he asks about his parents. She finally seemingly beginning to realize what all of it must be doing to Dan Dan. She tells him every family has problems.
Qun Zi and Gao Song have lunch. She asks him why he just didn’t tell Xiao Feng what happened at the wedding… He says he didn’t know. Qun Zi tells Gao Song that he and Dong Bei weren’t the same. She leaves work and runs into Xiao Feng. Qun Zi tries to explain what happened, that Gao Song is a good guy, give him a break. Xiao Fei tells Qun Zi that she is a little girl. What does she truly know about things.
Dong Bei is in a waiting car and calls Gao Song to give him a warning. Gao Song calls Xiao Feng, which diffuses the situation between her and Qun Zi. Xiao Feng storms off into her car and drives off.
Gao Song comes out and tells Qun Zi and Dong Bei he won’t be making it to the company Chrsitmas party. He has a headache. So they meet up with Xiao Feng to give her his regards. So she goes with them to the Christmas party. Gao Song calls Xiao Feng telling her he’ll be there, and she leaves the party to wait for him. They meet up and walk into the party together. But Xiao Li has a few more things to get off her chest to Gao Song, first. She is mad at him for lying. He says he’ll change. She runs off. He follows. He catches up to her and she tearfully tells him she wants them to go home. She says she doesn’t care about other people, only him. He asks if she really wants to go home, she says yes. So they leave.
Meanwhile, everyone at the party is looking for him, including his boss!

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