Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 2

Ready for the riveting chapter 2? I know you are...
OK, so our fearless wife gets a call from her first love and agrees to have dinner with him (now mind you it is a group gathering of all their old friends). Hubby isn't exactly happy, but he trusts her. So she goes off, gets her hair done, goes to buy a new coat, but doesn't. She goes to the lunch and dines on lobster and crab and a whole assortment of expensive dishes on her first love's dime. All the time one of her once friends starts talking to her about how successful he is and how much money he has and how he isn't married or attached and what a great catch we is and she should never have let him go. So she runs out, goes home and starts a fight with her husband about how they never have enough money (reason she didn't buy the coat) and how her life has sucked, yadda yadda yadda. The fight ends in him running to the bedroom and slamming the door on, gasp, his wife's fingers (now how/why she got them into the hinged part of the door is beyond me). Speed forward, her bro is heading back to base (he is in the army) and is upset about her hand. He has a little mano-yi-mano with hubby and tells him to treat her right or else. Hubby isn't happy, another fight ensues and she storms off to her parents. During this time, our hubby is called into work to help a mysterious patient and is handed $2,000! Hmmmmm.... After two days, the parents kick wifey out, telling her she needs to work things out. Things between husband and wife are still tense.

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