Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapter 11

So Xiao Feng and Dong Bei's little woman meets at McDonalds (or in Chinese, Hamebaobao Wang). Xiao Feng is serious at first, but the little woman gets her to laugh. Next thing you know, they are inseparable. After that first meeting, Gao Song thanks the little woman, and the little woman tells him off. He tries to tell her that he wasn't cheating, that the weddingdrunkenmaconneighbor thing was a big misunderstanding... she wasn't hearing any of it.
Xiao Feng is still obsessed with Gao Song's cell phone. Starts calling everyone in it. She'd hang up on the men and with the women she'd ask if they know Gao Song. If they said yes, which they all did, as he was in the middle of instructing them, she'd also hang up. However, one of them, when she told them she was Gao Song's wife, told her that, "Oh, I remember you from the wedding. You were so pretty." Uh-oh! Xiao Feng puts two and two together and goes to see the neighborlady... She explains all.
The little lady and Xiao Feng again meet for lunch. They start talking, and Xiao Feng admits her marriage isn't going too well. Little lady asks how long its been since, you know... Xiao Feng admits it has been awhile. Little lady and her then go shopping for lingerie. Xiao Feng buys a pretty red number and wears it to bed that night. However, Gao Song wasn't having any of it. He turned her down stating he had to get sleep due to a big surgery in the morning. He'd take her up on it on the weekend. Xiao Feng is understandably upset. She put herself out there, after all. She brings up th wedding.
Next day Xiao Feng tries to call him for dinner. He doesn't answer either his office phone or his mobile. So Xiao Feng goes over to the neighborlady's house and uses his phone.... He answers..... BUSTED!!!!

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