Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back in Hawaii

Ah, back "home." Living at the Honolulu Airport Hotel. Dealing with nightly fire alarms because some backwoods hick cannot understand the concept of "no smoking in the rooms."
Started class yesterday. It was a cluster fuck. Not only did we sit there for 8 hours and NOT meet our instructors (or Laoshi, as they are called in Chinese), but they couldn't decide which classroom to put us in. We'd be told to go to one classroom, only to have them announce on the intercom that we were all to report to another.
Typical, we have an interview to place us into our classrooms. I started out in the advanced class. However, in a throwback to DLI, they went off my DLPT5 scores, you know, the ones that aren't supposed to count, yet. They put me in with the intermediate... which, are all E-4s to E5s. So guess who the class leader is? Yep, me. Of course, being one of the few E6 and aboves, and I think the only senior NCO, I was going to end up as a class leader anyway.
Don't have to come in until 1200 for the intermediate classes... So I have mornings off. don't know how I'm going to survive the mornings at the pool/beach and afternoons doing something I love.
So now we get to watch Chinese Style Divorce. A lovely serial, which, as yet, makes no sense. I'll keep you posted.

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