Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 18

Qun Zi returns home. Dong Bei and Xiao Feng continue their on-line chats. He tells her how he has really learned a lot. He thought he could get married and have things not change. He realizes now he has to be unselfish. He explains how women in their 20s are kind of childish, but women in their 30s have something unique.
Xiao Feng is called "Xiao Gunianr" by a woman while out walking (basically young lady). She is thrilled. Gao Song comes back from his business trip. He notices a marked difference in her demeanor. He says she even looks younger. He admits he still loves her.
Xiao Feng is ecstatic when she sees Qun Zi next. She seems to have fallen in love with her online friend (oops, she really doesn't know it is Dong Bei). But Qun Zi seems to have figured in out. Tells her that Dong Bei has been chatting a lot online. Xiao Feng says it isn't possible. Qun Zi beings to snoop through Dong Bei's computer, figuring out his passoword, she signs into his messenger. Sure enough, there is Xiao Feng telling him she thinks of him, and how she wishes they can meet in person.
Meanwhile, he drives by his bar, knowing his sultry vixen is in it, but chooses not to go in. He comes home to a once again devastated Qun Zi. She tells him she wants a divorce. And off they go the next day to get the divorce (quick process in China). He says he's sorry. After a chat, she grabs him and cries. They tell each other they still love each other. He asks her to remarry him. She says she can't trust him.
Dong Bei and Gao Song have dinner together. Dong Bei tells of his recent divorce.
Again, more chats between Xiao Feng and Dong Bei. Qun Zi mourns her marriage. She goes back to the apartment to collect her stuff. Dong Bei comes home in the middle of it. Sees the picture of them, once torn, now taped back together. The next day, she takes one last look around. Goes to grab her bag, but Dong Bei stops her. Asks where she will go. She says she will go and stay with a girl friend. Then find herself a place. He tells her she can always stay there.
Xiao Feng and Xiao Li meet on the street. Xiao Feng tries to act like nothing has happened. Xiao Li seems to be pretty forgiving and they make plans for later. Xiao Li asks Gao Song what is up with her. He doesn't know, but he seems pretty happy with Xiao Feng's turn of attitude. Then he thinks about it and considers that she could be having an affair. He goes to sleep in Dan Dan's bed.
The next day, Dong Bei helps Qun Zi look for a new place. Nothing seems to fit. They start to talk... maybe start to reconcile... but then the idiot turns on the radio. Qun Zi shuts down. Later at work, she signs into his account. They then have lunch together. She tells him she found a place.
Meanwhile, Xiao Feng is stalking Dong Bei over the internet. She waits furtively for him to appear on line. Writes him 50 some emails a day. She is upset again, turns manic against Xiao Li and Niu Niu. Xiao Li tells her daughter that Xiao Feng is sick in the head. She is upset and taking it out on everyone else.
Dong Bei helps Qun Zi move into her tiny, micro apartment. He says it is small, she says it is just one person.
Xiao Feng is constantly on line waiting for Dong Bei to appear. She is manic over it. Dong Bei is having dinner with Qun Zi. They decide to stay friends.

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