Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 6-8

I have been remiss. I know you all are waiting on baited breath for the next segments of our saga.
FINALLY, Xiao Feng and Gao Song have a long overdue talk. As they talk, poor Dan Dan is waiting at school. No one can reach his parents as they are not answering to talk things out. No, he isn't seeing the neighbor. The neighbor accidentally left the jacket in the house when she came over while he was in the hospital (finally, it came out!). Suddenly, Xiao Feng hears the neighbor's daughter outside. AIYA! What time is it? Dan Dan has been forgotten! They rush out the door to the school. Dan Dan has sneaked away and gone on a cross-town journey to his grandparents. It has been several hours, but, finally he made it, and called his very relieved parents. Things are looking up!
Seems Gao Song and the neighborlady are up for the same promotion. He gets it. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng's professional life has taken a turn for the worst. She fails her exam (59%!), and begins to study her butt off for the next time. Her husband has been working long hours in surgery due to his new job and has not been making it home until REALLY late at night. She is having to deal with her son on her own. However, things are going good between them, and Xiao Feng has moved back home.
Husband's friend gets married, but Xiao Feng could not attend. So, Gao Song asks neighborlady to attend with him. She meets him there, after he has already drank two bottles of wine. The new wife of the friend mistakes the neighbor as Gao Song's wife. Xiao Feng proceeds to drunkenly grope her, she pushes him away. He passes out on a nearby couch clutching neighborlady's hand. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng comes looking for him. Her mother has had a minor accident, and her ankle is injured. Who better to seek out than her doctor-husband? The friend tells her he was in the bathroom. Wait there and runs to try to wake him. To no avail, the Friend goes back to tell Xiao Feng that he has already left. Later on, he finally makes it to the in-laws and takes care of the mom. He is attentive and patient. The mom tells Xiao Feng that he is a good man. She is lucky.
The friend and his new wife are out shopping at this time. They see neighborlady and her daughter out. The wife is like, who is that kid with Xiao Feng (has never been set straight)? She is going to call Gao Song to find out. Xiao Feng answers. New wife was like, who is this? Xiao Feng is like, who is this? Friend finally pulls the phone from his wife and says, sorry, didn't mean to call. Xiao Feng immediately rounds on her husband. It was a woman! Who was it? Gao Song looks at the caller ID and states that it was his friend, and the woman was obviously his wife. He works with friend's new wife and she starts to poke around him at work. Both the friend and his wife believe that the neighborlady is his lover, now.
She is constantly helping with her now hobbled mother. Hubby is still working long hours. Xiao Feng is already doubting her abilities as a teacher when, during a student-teacher conference, one of the parents starts to verbally attack her. She realizes she has been failing her students and quits. She is depressed and feeling sorry for herself. Her husband tries to be understanding, but she insists on moping around the house. Gao Song's new position allows him to buy at least one new car. Xiao Feng proceeds to learn how to drive it.

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