Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 16 & 17

Qun Zi is sleeping on the couch. She still cannot bring herself to sleep in their bed. Dong Bei, being ever so smart, proceeds to continue to visit his favorite bar. Lately he has been hanging out with a very sultry woman. Even brings Gao Song into it. Nothing happens, just someone for them to talk to. But still. He has been chatting online with Xiao Feng, even, about their perspective others.
Niu Niu is told by Dan Dan that he isn’t allowed to play with her anymore. His mother has told him not to. Hurt she runs to her mother, who is understandably upset by this turn of events.
Xiao Feng and Qun Zi have made up. They are back to hanging out again.
Gao Song and Xiao Feng have a terse equilibrium going on. Though she keeps making cracks about other women. He has continued to not answer her calls.
Dong Bei is still trying to make things up to Qun Zi, but she seems pretty set on breaking things off at this point. She has dinner with Xiao Feng, they lament about the idiocies of men. Qun Zi tells Xiao Feng that she is just too unhappy. In her heart she knows she still loves Dong Bei, but she can’t ever see herself trusting him again.
Dong Bei, fresh off his thwarted romantic overture, goes back to his favorite bar where he runs into the passed out sultry chick. He writes his name and phone number on her arm for her to find upon waking. How utterly romantic.
Qun Zi is sleeping in Dan Dan’s room. Gao Song is sleeping at Dong Bei’s on Qun Zi’s couch (he’s drunk again).
Xiao Feng and Dong Bei chat online while Gao Song is behind Dong Bei, Xiao Feng doesn’t know. Dong Bei asks if she still loves Gao Song. She takes a while to respond, but ultimately says she hates him. Gao Song is crushed. Gao Song tells Dong Bei to ask why she doesn’t divorce him. She says because she hates him. Dong Bei asks what kind of logic is that? If she hates him so, divorce him. Gao Song realizes that he has no other choice.
Gao Song starts to knock back the drinks. He goes off on Dong Bei and storms into Dong Bei’s room.
Next day the phone rings, it is Xiao Fengs dad. Her mom is sick. She calls Gao Song and asks him to come. He says sorry, he forgot to tell her, but he is out of town on business until tomorrow. She yells that his work seems to be more important than her.
Dong Bei makes it out with his sultry woman. They play drinking games. Dong Bei keeps losing. Qun Zi is home all alone on her couch.
Gao Song goes over to Xiao Li’s. He asks her to watch Dan Dan. Understandably she tells him where to stick it.
Dong Bei returns home. He takes a shower, but Sultry Girl calls. Guess who answers? Surprisingly, she doesn’t make anything of it.
Xiao Feng is seeing to her mother. Seeing her father and mother together makes her realize that that is what she wants, too.
Sultry Girl keeps calling Dong Bei. For once he mans up and doesn’t answer. Now he takes to stalking his wife. She’s over at Gao Song’s watching little Dan Dan while his parents are otherwise occupied. He falls asleep in his car outside their apartment building.

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