Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapter 12

Fresh off the disaster that was the night that wasn't... Xiao Feng goes grocery shopping... She runs into the little lady, (AKA Qun Zi), who tells her she is preggers... Xiao Feng is happy for her, but Qun Zi isn't so sure it is the right time, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Dong Bei convinces her that it IS a good thing, and she is happy, finally. They hire a made, a pregnant made. She and Qun Zi become friends.
Gao Song and Dong Bei go to the local Y where they do laps. They talk about women and well, nothing happens... Gao Song then goes to the doctor where he tells the doctor that he hasn't been able to "perform his manly duties" in over half a year. GASP! That explains it all. He is diagnosed with E.D. and has to explain it to Dong Bei (boy, ppl in China ARE more open with their personal issues) AND his wife. Xiao Feng of course thinks it is about her, but Gao Song convinces her it isn't. She then proceeds to pour nasty-tasting herbal-tea concoctions down his throat. However, there relationship is suddenly much better with the air cleared. Seems that impotence was the best thing to happen to this couple!
Xiao Feng calls Qun Zi late at night, only to be told by Dong Bei that she went to her parents, as the pregnancy was not sitting well with her. Thing is, if Qun Zi is away, who is the women in Bed with Dong Bei? uh-oh!
The rents have yet another choir performance. And Xiao Feng tells Qun Zi all about Gao Song's issue. She also tells the neighborlady who gives her a recipe for a herbal remedy. This herbal remedy is found by Gao Song late one night, he recognizes the hand writing and attacks the neighborlady for meddling in his affairs!
Qun Zi returns home to find a stray hair in her bed. She questions Dong Bei about it. He side-steps it by giving her 3 possibilities for how the hair go there. A) It is HERS; B) it is the cleaning lady's; C)it is another woman's. He lets her decide. I guess she decided options A and B were better than C.

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