Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce

OK, so I'm watching this Chinese Serial...

Starts out with this couple. Husband is a doctor, wife is some sort of office worker. They have a kid. she calls the husband and says, don't forget about our important dinner. He says I won't, but then I guess his little brother gets hit by a car while on his scooter, and he has to operate on him. So, he misses the dinner, but neither the husband or the wife mention it. Then the neighbor comes home, you find out later she is a doctor who works with the husband of our main couple. She is crawling into bed and finds a stray hair that is CLEARLY not hers on her pillow. Confronts husband, who acknowledges the infidelity, and of course, blames her for it.
Slide back to our main couple... the wife goes to the grocery store where she meets another neighbor, and old man. He gets into an argument with the clerk, and promptly dies of a heart attack. She goes home, tells her husband and promptly gets into a fight with him cause he has to go back to the hospital to check on patients... He gets into a fight with his brother who is still hospitalized (I guess for falling in love again?)
Swoosh, suddenly the wife's parents call and they are coming to visit, along with her older brother (wait, isn't there a one-child policy in China? why are there all these brothers and sisters?)
And in the midst of all this, the husband goes rushing off to the hospital again...
End chapter.

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