Monday, March 17, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce... Chapters 9 & 10

Xiao Feng has been feeling down in the dumps... She quit her job over her own inadequacies, and she has been moping around the house. Her old boyfriend calls her up, again, and says he is in town once again. He is having another get together and invites her. At first she says no. Gao Song tells her to go, get a new outfit, go to the spa, have fun at her lunch. She does and comes back much refreshed. Gao Song has another surprise, he is taking them all on a holiday skiing. However, the ski trip is short lived. The friend, Dong Bei, and his pretty new wife are also there. He tries to keep them away from one another, Dong Bei helps, but Xiao Feng sees through it. She is upset that Gao Song doesn't want to introduce her to his friends. She storms off, takes the car and returns home. Gao Song and Dan Dan are forced to take the bus back to town.
Xiao Feng again goes to see her mom, interrupting her parents' choir practice. Mom tells her to calm down, it can't be all that. She goes home and Gao Song announces that he has to go on a business trip. Xiao Feng asks if he is going with anyone, he says yes, a woman in her 50s. Xiao Feng can tag along to the airport if she likes to meet her. Fine, she does, and is relieved.
Gao Song flits off to work. He calls Xiao Feng later in the day promising to be home for dinner. As he heads home, Dong Bei shanghais him on a little side trip. Regardless to say, Xiao Feng isn't very happy. She gives him three conditions.... 1) he must not ignore her; 2)He has to answer her calls and call her several times a day; and 3)he cannot go on anymore business trips with young single women, a 50+ woman is ok. He agrees to her terms, not realizing how hard they will be to follow.
Xiao Feng preceeds to call him several times the next day. And he also calls her, very tired already of their little arrangement. He then gets called into surgery. Xiao Feng calls several times every minute. Gao Song gets the calls missed list and grows even more weary. Xiao Feng again tries to call, he ignores it. She then calls from a pay phone and he picks up. She yells at him for ignoring her calls. He screams that he is very busy and cannot always take her calls. Meanwhile, the new little wife is showing her reception video to all the girls in the office. Remember this is an office she shares with Gao Song. They all want to know who the lady he is dancing with is. She says, oh, that is his wife. They say, oh, she is very pretty.
Xiao Feng goes home and talks to neighborlady.... Tells her what she feels. Neighborlady does her best to calm Xiao Feng down, but to no avail. Xiao Feng storms off to Gao Song's work. Neighborlady warns him, he has the nurse railroad her. She sits outside all afternoon waiting for him (stalk much?). He calls neighborlady and asks if she could watch Dan Dan for them. He finally comes out and the two married people have a chat. Suddenly the phone rings, it is the new little wife of Dong Bei's texting Gao Song with a little joke. Xiao Feng snatches the phone and calls Dong Bei's little wife back. Little wife hangs up. Xiao Feng immediately starts to scream to Gao Song over who the woman is that he has been sleeping with. Then storms off driving home (have I mentioned the distinct lack of seatbelt use in this show. Even Dan Dan doesn't wear his, AND he sits in the front seat!). Upon arriving she realizes that she has forgotten Dan Dan. Neighborlady brings him over. Xiao Feng finally thanks her. Gao Song then arrives home, they get into a heated argument (a screaming match, basically) that literally lasts all night. The next day poor Dan Dan brings them breakfast. Xiao Feng starts doing some detective work. She still has Gao Song's phone and starts looking through his calls. She then calls Dong Bei's wife at work, while she is in Gao Song's office. Asks if she is Dong Bei's wife then asks to meet to have a chat.

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