Friday, March 21, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 13

Qun Zi and Dong Bei are listening to the heartbeat of their baby when Dong Bei gets a phone call. He drives Qun Zi over to Xiao Feng’s house and explains that he has some business to take care of for a while. Xiao Feng and Qun Zi look at all of Dan Dan’s old baby clothes. Xiao Feng’s older brother calls. He is home from the Army again. Xiao Feng and Gao Song drive Qun Zi home, early, as the brother is coming in that afternoon…. Can you smell what is coming?
That is right! Qun Zi catches Dong Bei in the act. She runs out of the apartment in utter shock and goes to Xiao Feng’s house. Meanwhile, Dong Bei drives around frantically trying to find her. Qun Zi tearfully tells Xiao Feng and Gao Song what happened, and Gao Song calls Dong Bei and tells him off.
Dong Bei shows up, but Gao Song won’t let him in. Lays into him even harsher. Dong Bei states he doesn’t want to return home alone. Gao Song goes with him. Again, no seatbelts were used in the filming of this show!
The next day Qun Zi goes to work in a daze. Gao Song tries to reach out to her, but she is skeptical of his intentions. Rightfully so. He tries to talk her into giving Dong Bei a chance to explain his actions. Dong Bei shows up to talk to Xiao Feng, who gives him a cold reception. Asked how Qun Zi slept. Xiao Feng tells him she slept very well. Asked if she talked about him. Xiao Feng mentioned Qun Zi wanting to give up the child/terminate the pregnancy. This slaps Dong Bei in the face.
Dong Bei is wracked with grief and remorse. He waits for Qun Zi to get off work. She tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he forces her into the car. Tries to force a romantic dinner at the house. She refuses to eat. He tells her that she is first in his heart, as is the child she carries (can I vomit now?), but she isn’t hearing it (good for her!) and sleeps on the couch. Dong Bei tries to convince her to take the bed, but she can’t sleep there knowing what transpired in their bed.
Xiao Feng and Gao Song talk about the situation over dinner. Of course they both have differing views on what happened and what should happen. Heated argument ensues.
Again Dong Bei waites for Qun Zi outside of her work. Again she gives him the cold shoulder, but at least gives him the time of day and willingly gets into his car (AGAIN, no seat belts). He takes her to her doctor’s appointment (men don’t go in, but wait outside). Qun Zi tells her doctor she doesn’t want the child (one child policy, if she can only have one child, and she divorces the father, that is it). The doctor tells her she is crazy, the child is healthy. She is lucky. However, she tells the doctor of her family situation and wishes to terminate the pregnancy. Doctor tells her at 7 months, it is fully viable and therefore should not be willfully terminated. Qun Zi tells her she really doesn’t want it. The doctor asks if she is fully sure of her decision then schedules her for the procedure for the following week.

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