Friday, March 7, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapters 3 & 4

Hmmmm... plot thickens, my compatriots. Xiao Feng (our wife) is going off on her husband (Gao Song), yet again. Talks about something that is expensive. Then suddenly Xiao Feng flings herself at Gao Song and is madly in love with him. Gao Song goes to meet mystery man again, only to be told that his services aren't needed. He goes home empty handed to a very angry Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng goes back to her parents' place, and her dad gets a phone call about someone close to him being in the hospital. Mom asks Xiao Feng to go with dad and off she goes. Meanwhile, back at the laojia (Chinese for home), Gao Song is getting closer to his fellowdoctorneighbor who is now newly single. Even accompanies her and her daughter to dance class (where the boys were mysteriously dressed in matching blue leotards (they are dressed like girls!) only the daughter, Niu Niu, has a pink leotard on. Xiao Feng comes back home, still mad at her husband. Meanwhile, Gao Song's little brother gets engaged.
Now Xiao Feng is at home, her hubby out to eat with mystery man. He gets prodded into drinking a mug of beer, and suddenly cannot stop himself. Toast after toast later, he staggers into an alley and falls asleep in a doorway. His cell phone is promptly stolen. Eventually Xiao Feng is called, she goes over the the doctorneighbor's place to ask if she could babysit Dan Dan (the son). Neighbor said she'll go get him. So Xiao Feng is sitting at home, in bed, when Gao Song comes home. He asks her if she still loves him (bad time to be asking buddy...). She doesn't answer, tells him to go clean himself up and come to bed. He wakes her a while later demanding to know if she still loves him. She basically tells him to go to hell. Next day, Xiao Feng goes to a communist play put on by her parents while Gao Song has a romantic dinner with the neighbor. Gao Song comes home and asks about his guest, who has gone home. He tells her it was a single woman friend (ooops). Next day, little brother calls and gets Gao Song to accompany him to a mansion where he meets up with this "Triad" type guy. Gao Song walks out and starts to walk home. Angry at the little brother. Brother manages to coax him back into the car and drives him home. Gao Song is really sick at this point. Running a hight fever. Barely makes it home (did I mention that Xiao Feng tries to call her husband throughout this episode only to have him NOT answer his cell when he sees it is her). Wife left him a note telling him she is out and Dan Dan is at the grandparents. He collapses on the sofa. Neighbor calls and comes over when he tells her he is sick. He is running an extremely high fever, and she insists he go to the hospital.

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