Tuesday, August 14, 2007


12 August 2007, 2015hours
The latest in the saga of my journey to Baltimore... So the guy at gate A39, where I am currently waiting, comes over the PA and says, "People waiting for flight 2200 to BWI, the plane isn't going to be in until 9:18 pm. We probably won't BEGIN boarding until 10:00 pm! Oh, and by the way, the gate has been changed to C16, that is CHARLIE 1-6." Meanwhile, I finally have a good outlet, my computer is charging, but I am now at the wrong terminal.. WTF! Pack everything back up, get on the tram, yadda yadda yadda.... Get over to the gate, no working plug! Have I mentioned I hate DFW. I change my mind. I want to go through Atlanta afterall.

I Hate DFW

12 August 2007, 1950hours
I should have known when I got to Misawa City Airport, and the plane wasn't there, that this was going to be a baaad travel day. The plane was late coming in from Tokyo (which never happens in Japan). We took off 30 minutes late, but managed to make it into Tokyo only 10 minutes ahead of schedule (the Japanese fly like they drive, they floor it!). I got my bags, made it to the shuttle bus counter, got my ticket for the 11:55 shuttle to Narita from Haneda (it was then 11:45) and waited in line for my shuttle. And waited, and waited, and waited... That is right folks, even the shuttles were running behind. A situation so unheard of in Japan, the epitome of efficiency, that the shuttle attendants were panic-calling anyone they could get ahold of to find out what the hang up was after the shuttle had been late only 30 seconds...

So, I finally get on my bus, make it to Narita, make it through to the ticket counter, make it through security and immigration... make it to my gate, make it on the plane for the 10.5 hour flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Now, that is where it hits the snag that makes me think I should have seen the signs. You see, the genius at ticketing decided it would be ok to give me a layover of 90 minutes ate DFW to get to the gate (slight problem), off the plane (ok), clear immigration (U.S. citizen, no problem), get my bags (problem), get through customs (big problem), recheck my bags (bigger problem), go back through security (ok, this is just ridiculous), get on the tram (which, surprise, was running behind schedule) to make it to the literal opposite side of the airport for my flight for a take off time of 5:05 pm. Guess what folks, I made it... That is right, I made it .... to the gate just in time to see my plane taxi for take-off. I rebooked for the 9:30 pm flight, putting me into BWI at 1:30 am. At least they gave me a $10 food voucher. Good thing I have friends there who are willing to come pick me up, drop me at my hotel, pick me up from the hotel, and take me to the car rental place. Cause otherwise I would be S.O.L. Thanks Mei-mei!

I love the USA

12 August 2007, 1930hours
You know what I love about the U.S.??? Going into the ladies room and not having to look for the western-style toilet symbol and finding that there are only the Japanese squatter-style toilets left... Then having to decide whether I have to go bad enough to consider using one of them....