Tuesday, August 14, 2007


12 August 2007, 2015hours
The latest in the saga of my journey to Baltimore... So the guy at gate A39, where I am currently waiting, comes over the PA and says, "People waiting for flight 2200 to BWI, the plane isn't going to be in until 9:18 pm. We probably won't BEGIN boarding until 10:00 pm! Oh, and by the way, the gate has been changed to C16, that is CHARLIE 1-6." Meanwhile, I finally have a good outlet, my computer is charging, but I am now at the wrong terminal.. WTF! Pack everything back up, get on the tram, yadda yadda yadda.... Get over to the gate, no working plug! Have I mentioned I hate DFW. I change my mind. I want to go through Atlanta afterall.

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Micc said...

All Philly fans already know that DALLAS SUCKS!