Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 19

Xiao Feng tries to get Dan Dan to drink some milk before bed. He says he doesn’t want to. Xiao Feng gets midievil on his ass. Gao Song stops her. They get into a huge fight. Dan Dan, not wanting to cause another fight, drinks the damn milk only to throw it right up. She again is up half the night waiting for a response from her mystery lover, AKA Dong Bei. Next day, Qun Zi tries to tell Gao Song how great being single is. How she and Dong Bei are great friends now. He helps her out, they go out on the weekends (i.e., they are dating). Gao Song tells her to shut up, that their situations aren’t the same. She tells him to go to hell. He then calls a divorce lawyer.
The lawyer basically says it won’t be so easy, due to them having a young child. He tells Gao Song it might be better to work things out. There may be no other way.
Mystery lover emails Xiao Feng, which just rocks her world. Of course, Gao Song gets a hold of it. He is concerned cause she thinks she is “seeing” another man. He prints out her emails.
In the morning, she is all nice to Xiao Li again… volunteering to take Niu Niu to school. Xiao Li is less then thrilled and asks Gao Song what is up? She is so manic! He says she is going through the change (of course, blame EVERYTHING on female troubles). Xiao Li says it isn’t possible, she isn’t even 40, yet. Gao Song says of course it is possible.
Dong Bei is out at night with sultry girl. They continue to play drinking games. Qun Zi is expecting him, though. I guess she thinks they are still married. She prepared little Jiaozi with money in them. She waits and waits… She goes to call, then realizes she doesn’t have the right.
Gao Song takes the emails to his lawyer, who tells him they aren’t conclusive to showing intent to harm either him or their son, which is the only way he will be able to obtain a divorce. He walks away dejectedly. Gao Song laments to Dong Bei at the office. Qun Zi walks in and there is an awkward exchange. He apologizes.
At this point, Gao Song becomes desperate. He starts emailing Xiao Feng and chatting with her from an internet café. She tells him to call her on a pay phone. She proceeds to sit and wait for that phone call. Gao Song calls her from another pay phone, realizing that she monitors his cell phone. She answers after several rings, but neither says a word for quite a while. Finally she says hello… Asks who is on the other end. Gao Song hangs up.
Later they are messaging one another. She asked why he didn’t say anything when he called her. He said he was nervous. Then prints out their conversations.
Qun Zi is having dinner with Gao Song and Xiao Feng and lets it slip that Dong Bei is remarrying. Her first question, of course, is who is she? Gao Song tells her about Dong Bei and Sultry woman’s engagement party coming up, asks if she wants to go. She says yes… and they go. Gao Song offers a toast to Dong Bei and Sultry woman. He is ribbed about not drinking. Gao Song actually refuses to drink and sticks to it. Xiao Li drinks instead to offer the toast, though she is none to happy with him getting married so quickly after divorcing Qun Zi.
That night, Gao Song asks Xiao Feng to take a look at something he has written. It is about a divorce. She rips it up and goes to bed.

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