Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 22

Xiao Feng is back at her apartment, grinding up her pain pills. Dumps the concoction into two wine glasses. Qun Zi shows up, driven by Gao Song. She carries a huge bouquet of flowers to give Xiao Feng. Qun Zi talks Gao Song into letting her go alone. But he insists on coming up if only for a moment. Xiao Feng can’t remember whose glass she put the drugs into, and tries to switch glasses with Qun Zi. Gao Song is asked to join them in their meal of appeasement.
Dong Bei goes over to Qun Zi’s house. She isn’t there. He calls her apartment. She isn’t there idiot! He then tries her cell. She answers asking where she is. He wants her to leave and come see him. She tells him to go to hell. She continues her meal with the estranged couple. Having not been able to switch the glasses, Xiao Feng offers a toast. She goes back into the kitchen and washes down the pills into the sink.
Dong Bei comes rushing in while dinner is going on. Qun Zi takes her leave to deal with Dong Bei leaving Gao Song and Xiao Feng alone. They sit in silence. Xiao Feng finally says she should go. Gao Song tells her go, then! She storms out. Her brother is waiting for her outside. He wants to know how it all went.
Dong Bei is angry at Qun Zi’s anger. Isn’t she the one who wanted the divorce? Qun Zi says she is in love with some one. Who he asks? She walks off.
Xiao Feng tries to get Dan Dan to drink his milk. He complains of a stomachache. She is getting upset with him not drinking his milk again. He spills it, she knocks him down. He head is bleeding, bad. She calls Gao Song, who is eating noodles alone, to come help. Brother is holding him on the front seat, trying to staunch the bleeding. They get to the hospital, Xiao Feng waits nervously in the waiting room. Gao Song and her get into it. He wants to know what happened. He has some stitches in the end, but is fine. Xiao Feng agrees to go back to the apartment, as that is where Dan Dan wants to be. They all sleep in bed together.
Next day, Gao Song is called into his bosses office. The boss tells him they are thinking about letting him go. That night, Xiao Feng asks to have a chat with Gao Song. He tells her to go ahead. She talks about how they’ve been together 10 years, that Dan Dan isn’t that old. Their relationship is having a negative impact on Dan Dan. She is really trying here, but he laughs her off. She storms back into their bedroom. Gao Song sleeps that night at work. Xiao Feng spends the time online chatting with her “friend.”
Dong Bei goes back to see Qun Zi at her apartment. She doesn’t let him in. He calls her apartment. She doesn’t answer. He calls her cell phone. She doesn’t answer. He calls Gao Song, who’s at the hospital. Decides to meet him there. Gao Song and Xiao Feng are still chatting. Xiao Feng decides she wants to “meet” him. Will Gao Song finally have his proof to earn a divorce? He agrees to meet with her. Of course, as they are setting up the place and time, Gao Song is called away for a surgery. Xiao Feng continues her discussion with Dong Bei.
The next day, Dong Bei meets with Qun Zi. He asks who she is in love with. She tells him none of his business and storms off. Xiao Feng anxiously awaits her online lover. Gao Song watches her from afar. He then approaches her and asks who she is waiting for. They go home, he shows her all her emails and chats he’s printed out over the weeks and months. She starts destroying the place. Goes wild. Breaks windows, pots, tables, lamps, the computer… EVERYTHING is fair game. Gao Song just stands and watches. Dan Dan cowers in his room. After the house is severely destroyed, and there is a lull in the noise, Dan Dan comes out of his room with a little knife and begins to cut himself. He is rushed to the hospital where they are met by the rest of the family. They all crowd around him when he comes out with his wounds stitched up. Xiao Feng’s mom takes it particularly hard and slaps her daughter, HARD. Says she is ashamed of her as a daughter, then collapses with a heart attack from all the excitement.
Next day, Gao Song walks into his office followed by his students. Finds Xiao Feng in his office. They all give their condolences. He asks them to leave, she tells them not to. That she wants them all to hear what she has to say. She tells him that he doesn’t have any feelings for her or their son. He doesn’t care for anyone. He has no one. He is no one. He leaves, head down. Xiao Feng calls after him. He turns, shakes his head, and walks out. She then breaks the window to his office and prepares to jump. They all just stare at her. Gao Song gets down on his knees in shock and horror. Xiao Feng turns and looks at him, he bows to her, eyes wide and pleading… He lowers his head and cries.

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