Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 21

When Xiao Feng’s brother goes to talk to Gao Song, Gao Song is already packed and ready to leave. He tells the bro that he still loves Xiao Feng, but too many things have gotten in the way. They have nothing in common anymore. He knows she hates him… divorce is the only way they both can be happy. Brother goes to take his leave, but runs into Xiao Feng on the way out. She rushes in to see what damage her brother has caused to Gao Song now. She sees the bags, asks where he is going. He says, she already knows. They fight, she storms out, taking her brother with her.
Later, as she sits in shock at her parents’ house, her brother tries to talk her down. She refuses a divorce. She insists he was seeing another woman, that she saw it with her own eyes. THAT is why he wants a divorce, she says. She goes to see a lawyer. See what she can do.
Xiao Feng goes back to the doctor. He says she is better, but he is still concerned.
She goes with her brother to buy a video cameral, maybe to catch him in the act so she can have evidence against him???
Qun Zi runs into Gao Song out in town. She has her neighbor with her. They talk.
That night, Xiao Feng sneaks out to spy on Gao Song. If it isn’t a woman, she doesn’t know why her marriage is failing. She returns home, takes off her shoes, puts them away, and sneaks around the house. Gao Song is asleep, she video’s it and leaves. She continues to video tape Gao Song. Even outside his work, talking to Qun Zi. Of course, He gives her a ride somewhere, opens the door for her… She just continues to video tape them, going out with friends, etc. She follows them EVERYWHERE. ALL the time. American PI’s have nothing on Xiao Feng.
She takes the tape to her lawyer, who asks how often they were together. Xiao Feng responds day after day… basically says that, according to the law, it isn’t enough to prove he is having an affair.
Qun Zi is out with her neighbor drinking and crying. He takes her home.
Xiao Feng sneaks back into their apartment. Gao Song isn’t home, yet. It is almost 2am! WTF!!! Qun Zi stumbles into her apartment with her neighbor helping her. Xiao Feng pulls up to the apartment building… Qun Zi passes out on the bed, her neighbor tries to rape her. Xiao Feng thinks it is Gao Song and bangs on the door. Qun Zi escapes and opens the door to let her in. Xiao Feng storms in only to see an empty apartment as asshat escapes down the pole. She slaps Qun Zi and storms back home, wakes the now home Gao Song and cusses him out. She goes back to her parents to tell her bro, he isn’t buying it. He asks if she is sure it was him.
Next day at work, Qun Zi walks in with a puffy face from the face slap Xiao Feng gave her. Yells at Gao Song about it. He is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!
Xiao Feng is now testing a voice recorder, playing with Dan Dan. She leaves it hidden in the house as she tries to get Gao Song to confess. He tells her about the night of the storm, when she followed him originally. He tells her what really happened, about Qun Zi finding out about Dong Bei’s marriage, and her getting upset. He went to calm her down, you see. She isn’t buying it. He yells at her for hitting people. She tells him to go to hell. He storms out. She takes her recorder and leaves with her brother.
She storms into his boss’s office the next day. Boss calls security and asks to have Gao Song brought to his office.
Xiao Feng calls and apologizes to Qun Zi. She now buys what happened that night. Asks Qun Zi to come meet her. Qun Zi tells her she’ll be there. Xiao Feng takes a camera, and her pills?

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