Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 20

Chapter 20 sees Gao Song filling out divorce paperwork. He leaves it on Xiao Feng’s computer desk. She rips it up, too. Xiao Feng tells her “lover” that she doesn’t’ know what to do. Her parents health isn’t so good and Dan Dan is still so young.
Gao Song goes out clubbing with Qun Zi. Though, he doesn’t do much besides sit at the bar and drink while Qun Zi throws some epileptic fit that, I guess passes for dancing on the China Club scene. He then leaves, Qun Zi follows saying she’ll leave with him. He tries to tell her no, he’ll get a ride home, but she goes to leave anyway. She and her friends drag him to her house. More drinks all around. He actually turns it down once again. Xiao Feng calls Qun Zi, she lies for Gao Song. They then leave. Xiao Feng sees Gao Song get out of the cab with Qun Zi in it. She isn’t happy.
The next day, Qun Zi asks Gao Song if Xiao Feng suspected anything because she wasn’t answering or returning her calls. He says no. He goes out again the next night to the club scene. If you think Qun Zi was having an epileptic fit, Gao Song was doing an even better impression, off in a corner, all by himself. Working out some issues. Qun Zi sees him and cries (have no clue why, other than maybe his dancing was causing her actual, physical pain).
Again, Xiao Feng waits for him, this time seeing him pace outside the house. He hangs with Dong Bei the next day. Plays pool. Dong Bei tells him how he now understands it all. He asks how Qun Zi is. Gao Song tells him she’s fine. Hanging with friends. Qun Zi is supposed to have plans with Dong Bei later that night. But he never shows. She goes to his house and finds the locks are changed, her key no longer works. She comes face to face with the new little lady.
Qun Zi calls Gao Song in tears. Telling him she needs his help. He lies to Xiao Feng telling her work called, he needs to go in. It is storming something fierce outside. She doesn’t believe him. Gets dressed and follows him out (and where is Dan Dan, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine).
Dong Bei and the new little lady are hanging out at home. Dong Bei is agitated. He seems to be having second thoughts on his second marriage. He is worried about Qun Zi. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng is in a cab following Gao Song. He meets up with Qun Zi who asks if he knew about Dong Bei and why didn’t he tell her… (I guess she didn’t really know, oops). She is ready to commit harry-carry! He apologizes, says it is for her own good… she says whatever… she goes crazy, of course, this is when Xiao Feng drives up in her taxi, to see him wrestling with her, trying to keep her safe, trying to get her into his car. Now she thinks he is sleeping with Qun Zi. Dong Bei comes running over to Qun Zi’s to check on her. Of course, she is out, having a melt down. He sits on her stoop, worrying. Here comes Qun Zi, escorted by Gao Song. She thanks him, apologizes and goes upstairs to her apartment. Qun Zi meets up with a worried Dong Bei who is also very jealous. She tells him to drop dead and runs into her apartment.
Gao Song leaves. Its pouring, and there, of course, waiting for him outside, is Xiao Feng. PISSED AS ALL HELL. He tries to explain, but she is livid. Wild. She slaps him, HARD. Crumbles down the stairs of the building, having fallen and hurting her back. But she refuses help from him. Now he’s just had the night from hell.
Later, Dan Dan is sleeping with Xiao Feng, her back still hurting. She asks him to look at her back. Her back is bruised as hell. Dan Dan is worried. She makes it to the doctor the next day. He tells her she’s bruised and needs to take it easy (gee thanks, ASS!). Gao Song makes it home and finds her X-rays. HE takes a look at them.
Xiao Feng’s older brother comes once again for a visit. He asks about the parents. They decide to take a taxi, as Xiao Feng Cannot drive. Dan Dan tells her that his mom and dad fought, and she got hurt. She goes to her parents to help with dinner. Asks where her brother is. Mom tells her he went to her house. Xiao Feng is in a panic, and in pain, as she races back home to stop her brother from beating the crap out of her husband. Too late, bro is waiting for Gao Song. IT IS ON!!! He tries to explain it to bro, but he isn’t hearing it. Bro warned him about hitting women! Hitting his sister is even worse. Starts counting down. Xiao Feng is slowly making it up the stairs. Makes it in just in time to stop the beat down. ALMOST. He pushes Xiao Feng aside and punches the crap out of Gao Song. She tells him it wasn’t his fault, her injury. Tells him to leave. They ride back in relative silence, which broke long enough for her to tell her bro not to tell the rents.
They go back to the parents house to celebrate mom’s b-day. She is sorry Gao Song couldn’t make it. Xiao Feng makes his regards, saying he had something at work. Ma calls Gao Song, he says he’s sick. She tells him to take care of his health. Dad gets mom a read coat.
Next day, Dan Dan is riding with uncle. They are talking (AGAIN! No seat belts, none, zip, nada). Dan Dan says he’s scared. Xiao Feng’s bro tells him not to be. It will all be alright. Bro goes to see Gao Song. Bro asks if they could talk. Dan Dan tells Xiao Feng that uncle is at home, talking to dad. She rushes out, again… (did I mention that you can see their breaths INSIDE during this last scene?)

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