Friday, April 4, 2008

Chinese Style Divorce Chapter 23

OK peeps. Here it is. The long awaited Chapter 23. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Xiao Feng’s mom wakes up in the hospital with dad by her side. Dan Dan is at the grandparent’s house being spoon fed soup by his mom. Uncle is hanging around, too. Tells her that their parents are coming home, she says she’ll leave. He tells her no, don’t.
Dong Bei and Gao Song are having a drink together with dinner. He tells Gao Song that he wants to divorce his new wife because he is still in love with Qun Zi. Then he breaks a bottle over Gao Song’s head. Gao Song just looks at him in surprise as blood starts to poor down his face.
Mom is lamenting on her children and grandchildren’s lives. Then takes off her jade bracelet for her husband to give her daughter.
Xiao Feng goes back the apartment and surveys the damage she caused. She looks at the broken glass of the windows. Gao Song is in the hospital with a bandage on his head, lamenting to Qun Zi about Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng shows up to the hospital, and sees Qun Zi in the room with her husband. She stops outside the door to listen. He goes on about how sometimes no matter how much you love someone, you cannot make it know to them. He starts to cry… So does Xiao Feng outside the door. He goes on about how angry she is, and he doesn’t know why. Qun Zi tells him she loves him, but he says she is a child, and knows nothing about such things. He goes on about how much he still loves Xiao Feng. Now everyone is crying. He asks Qun Zi to leave. Xiao Feng leaves, too.
Mom is getting tired, tells dad so. He tells her to go ahead and rest, knowing full well that she is prolly about to die. She tells him to not be sad, to go to sleep, too. Next, Xiao Li visits Gao Song in the hospital. Asks if he is going to divorce Xiao Feng. He thinks awhile. Then says it is too troubling. Shakes her hand as she leaves.
Qun Zi finds Dong Bei hanging around the hospital. She actually decides to talk to him. They look at each other a while. Dong Bei hopeful… oops, nope. Qun Zi smacks him nice and hard right across the face. He’s like, ok, yeah, I deserved that. Off she walks. Good Girl!!!!
Later when the nurse comes to give mom her medicine, dad can’t wake her. She’s died. Gao Song, newly released from the hospital, walks in on that sad scene. He leaves, letting them be. Next scene, the funeral attended by Dad, Xiao Feng, Brother, and Dan Dan. They try and get dad to leave the plot, but he has to be pulled away. He is overcome with grief. Xiao Feng supports him as they walk back to the car. He hands her her mom’s jade bracelet. Tells her her mom loved her, wanted her to live well. Tells Xiao Feng that she has another sister. Her mother knew about it. It was with her mother’s sister. He’d spent the rest of her mother’s life trying to make it up to her. Xiao Feng walks away in utter shock. Gao Song spends the night in bed awake, alone. Xiao Feng spends the night alone on the dock, thinking. The dad spends the night looking at his wife’s picture. Xiao Feng calls Gao Song on his cell. She tells him they need to talk. He asks if they can do it over the phone, she says no, face-to-face. He says he doesn’t have time. He’s sorry. Gao Song heads to the Christmas party. He gets up and gives the speech he should have given last year. He thanks his bosses for giving him the opportunity. He apologizes for the trouble he’s caused. They drink to his boss. Xiao Feng shows up in the back. Everyone turns to look, wondering what will happen. He says he needs to thank his wife, for without her, he wouldn’t be there. He tells her he misses her and walks off the stage. Xiao Feng stays in the back of the room then asks if she can speak. They give her the stage. She tells them about her other sister. And how her parents forgave each other. She tells her husband she loves him. They’d been married for over 10 years, and they’d both forgotten that they loved one another. She says that if he decides not to stay with her, she’ll grant him a divorce.
They then return to the refurbished home. They just stand in silence for a while. Gao song looking at Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng looking out the window. She finally speaks his name, he walks over to her. Touches her face, kisses her. Then the camera pans to the divorce document.

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