Saturday, February 16, 2008

And you think YOU'VE got snow!

OK, so, as promised, here are some photos of snow in Misawa.

Snow higher than cars

As you can see above, the snow is piled twice as high as the cars in front of it. They've had to start trucking it to open fields. There is just no where else to pile it up.

Big pile of snow

This snow was piled about 15 feet high.

We've managed to dig out from the last blizzard (our landlord went and hired a bulldozer to take care of the 6-inches of ice that wasn't melting) only to have 3 days of blizzards hit us back to back to back. So, now we are back to 6 inches of snow and ice everywhere. The fence at the end of our alley looks like it is about to topple down into the field below due to the amount of snow piled in front of and on top of it. AND, it is STILL snowing. Up at work, the snow is waist high on me.

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