Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I tried acupuncture today. Not bad. Stung a little. They put needles in my abdomen and ankles then hooked electrodes up to them. That part was a little weird. I felt a slight burning sensation, more on my left than my right. At some point, either my foot twitched, or I moved my big toe, something, cause all of the sudden I almost shrieked. Either the needle, or the electricity hit a nerve. It felt like I was stabbed in my bone. It only lasted a bit then faded. The guy then had me get on a massage table and put these booties that fill with air and squeeze your legs and the roller went up and down. The girl I went with had acupuncture done for weight loss and asked not to have the massage cause it hurt her back. He then had her lay down and he put needles in her back. She said her back felt a lot better and that she would prolly have it done again. All in all my treatment only cost me 2,000 yen, or $20! I have to go back in 5 days.

Also, I am on leave tomorrow! Navy B-day Ball is tomorrow night. Navy turns 233 on Monday.

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