Saturday, April 28, 2007

My husband can't use a phone!

OK, so my hubby, whom I love and adore, cannot, I repeat, CANNOT use a GD phone! He picks up our handset, presses talk, then the number, then stupidly presses talk again, thus hanging up. Then he wonders WHY it is not ringing on the other end??? So today, he wants to check our voicemail. I tell him, *123. He does it... "It isn't ringing!" he says. "Did you hit talk?" I ask. "Well, you didn't say that!" WTF!!! I'm sorry, I thought you had used a phone before. Then he starts going into how I say you should hit talk. I said don't hit talk twice... otherwise you just hang the frick up on yourself. Then in his infuriating way, starts to logically state why he is still right about pressing talk twice. "Well, you gotta press it to start to dial, then you gotta press it again when you are ready to hang up." ASS!


american oil said...

...seriously....this shocks you???

Micc said...

I am going to be beat you

Micc said...

oops, I meant kick your ass

american oil said... this be.......your ass or my ass...or is that collective ass????