Sunday, April 15, 2007

The new 'Gates!

They appeared right on time on iTunes this fine Sunday morning. I immediately downloaded and sync-ed them to my AppleTV. Rewatching the mid-season finale's before we watch the mid-season premiers.
SGA Return Pt. 2 was excellent. RDA seemed to call it in, though. However, it could have been that his character just seemed out of place in Atlantis vice the SGC. Too bad we didn't see more of the fall-out to the team's bucking orders. Maybe seen RDA give Sheppard a good ass-chewing followed by an atta-boy...
SG1 The Quest Pt. 2 was also good. I loved Teal'C's whole "what about Puff" line. I love that Carter punched Baal out! haha... the Humanizing of Vala (I've loved her character from the beginning).

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