Saturday, September 29, 2007

A change is coming....

My only complaint about this week's Grey's Anatomy is that it wasn't long enough. It still has its squee factor, people. I was among those who cringed at the soap opera-y feel of them bringing in Merideth's half-sister, Lexie, but I believe that she will make a great addition to the show. As long as they don't get too far into the whole, you-killed-my-mother-and-made-my-father-drink-so-that-he-doesn't-
know-what-year-it-is issue. Good to see Miranda taking the higher ground with the whole Torrez being chief resident thing, too. Wishing that tomorrow would be better for Callie instead of gloating. It just solidified why we lover her! It will be interesting how the whole Derek/Meredith thing plays out, too. Now I only have 71 minutes until Stargate Atlantis!!!!