Tuesday, September 11, 2007


OK, so Ant and I went to the exchange last night. We picked up S3 and S4 of Reno 911 (damn why do I love that show) and some other things. We go to pay, I swipe my debit card, told, debit just went down, can you push credit? OK, so I reswipe... DENIED! Checkout lady says "Sorry, your card has been declined." WHAT!!! There is plenty of money in that account... ok, swipe again, Declined... annoying checkout lady says, again, "Sorry, your card has been declined." "Something is wrong with your system," I say. She looks at me dumbly. I swipe a second card... Denied, too!. "Sorry, your card has been declined." "look I know something is wrong with your system." another dumb look. Ant tries his... Same thing... "Sorry...." finally one of the other checkout people says that except for the Star Card and the local bank cards, the system is down. "oh, is it? OK." To me, "Our system is down." No Shit! Ya think? Now she gets it. So I pay by check.

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