Tuesday, May 8, 2007


One of the sucky things about working shift is you tend to get your days/dates/times mixed up. I am perpetually either a day ahead or a day behind, depending on my mood and the day. Well, today, I was a day behind. And this is bad. Bad because I had an eye appointment, and appointment I desperately need, scheduled for 8 May at 1345 (that is 1:45pm for you non-military types). I, somehow, thought that 8 May was Wednesday, ie, tomorrow. Then, as I thought about it at 1600 (4pm) that, hey, wait, 11 May was Friday, 10 May is Thursday.... that means TODAY is 8 May. Sh!t. OK, well, I'll just go in tomorrow and try and reschedule. Did I mention how badly I needed this appointment and how hard it is to actually get scheduled for one??? It isn't like I can go to the local Walmart or a Pearlvision or something like that and get an appointment next week. I am pretty much stuck.

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Micc said...

guess my preoccupation with the GD router and our Wi-Fi going kablooey today didn't help either