Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yet Another Earthquake

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Yeah, 12:59:58am, I am sitting at my desk at work. Working through another mid, when I feel the earth start to shake beneath my feet. I'm thinking, nah, its my imagination. Then my monitor starts to shake, and the whiteboard behind me was shaking... and someone shouts, YEAH! I suddenly realized, nope, not my imagination, this was an earthquake. And a pretty strong one at that. The strongest I've felt since arriving. It was centered about 65 miles North East of Misawa and a 5.5 magnitude.
Now, here is the other thing. This is like the 4th or 5th earthquake I've felt in the last two weeks. The last one was on Wednesday morning around 530am. It was centered at about the same place. 75 miles North East of Misawa.. about a 4.4 magnitude.
I am just thinking a big one is about to hit. So many earthquakes centered near the same spot... I am getting nervous.


american oil said...

...another one....well get your transfer in for Seattle.....then you can just wait it out with us for the "big one".....

Micc said...

looks at the bright side, our bed vibrates without costing up a quarter every 3 minutes!