Sunday, July 29, 2007


OK, yes, my usually anal tendencies failed me for once. And in the most inopportune of situations. After traveling an hour to the Seoul/Incheon International Airport from the base, finding our ticket counter, standing in line and finally having our turn to check in, I realize ... my orders aren't in my bag with my travel itinerary! OH SHIT! They won't check me in without my orders due to the fact that, even though I asked for a stamp in my passport, I didn't receive one. So, it was either leave the Korean Peninsula with my orders or with having a stamp in my passport. And as I had neither, I was in a sticky situation. Luckily I had my receipt with the Lodge's phone number on it. And after two attempts at sending a bellboy up to the room I had occupied, my orders were finally located right where I remember putting them after I checked into the hotel (on the bureau next to the TV which was then covered with the unread newspapers) and faxed to the airport. We made it to our gate as the final call for boarding was being called.

Now usually I double and triple check to ensure that I have my orders, passport, itinerary... Not this time... but let me tell you, I will now make multiple copies and a softcopy at home.

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