Sunday, July 29, 2007


Although it IS a Michael Bay movie (Stealth was a total bust), it is AWESOME!!! None-stop action, almost from the word "GO!" Shia La Beouf was ingenious in his role as Sam Witwiki. The only things that put some stops to my utter stupification was the usual Bay-isms that popped up throughout the movie. Such as stationing a fleet of ships in the Yellow Sea to keep an eye on Qatar, or the fact that people did flee when the final fight started... They were still flitting around OUTSIDE, riding bikes, pushing baby carriages, etc. So, I suggest seeing this movie. You won't be disappointed.


Micc said...

so would you say that the Transformers movie "more than meets the eye"? yuk yuk yuk

Christina Has Spoken said...

*Rolls eyes*

Micc said...

checkin' in today...nothing new to see here